JAKE Armour Plate JPPT3

Valtra T3-series, HiTech
T153h, T173h, T193h

The JAKE Armour Plate (JPPT3, JPPT3AR) for Valtra T3-series HiTech tractors. There are two versions of the Armour Plate meant for tractors with or without an additional fuel tank. The Armour Plate protects the basis of the cabin, the battery box, possibly existing air tanks and the fuel tank. The JAKE Armour Plate is mounted to the Aid Frame of the JAKE Mounting Kit, so if the tractor is not equipped with the JAKE Mounting Kit the JAKE Armour Plate JPPT3 must be ordered together with the Aid Frame (item code JPPT3AR). In case of need to protect the basis of the engine and the front cardan shaft, the JAKE Armour Plate can be completed with a JAKE Engine Armour (JMP).